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Helping you through every season

Whether you’re a farmer, or just in the business, you can reap the benefits of a Farm Bureau membership. To show appreciation for our relationship, Chevrolet is excited to offer a special incentive to eligible Farm Bureau members†. We’re extending a $500 private offer† toward the purchase or lease of nearly any new 2016 or 2017 vehicle† in our lineup. Plus, you can stack this exclusive offer on top of most other in-market incentives.

With advantages like these, it’s easy to see why more than 6 million families choose Farm Bureau. The relationship between Farm Bureau and its members is one that’s built on a foundation of hard work, persistence and steadfast dependability. Our drivers rely on Chevrolet for all the same reasons.

farm bureau

Get your discount

  1. Visit the Farm Bureau Member Advantage page.
  2. Enter your member information, and download your $500 certificate.
  3. Visit your local dealership and drive home with your new Chevy vehicle.

Have questions about the Farm Bureau Member Advantage Program? Visit our About Us section or Contact Us.