Spring Tune-Up FAQ

With Spring Coming, It's Time For You To Think About A Tune-Up

Spring is a superb time to remind Bellingham drivers of great car care tips. Though, we might not have as harsh winters as other States, keeping up with car maintenance will make certain your car lasts longer with fewer needs of more expensive work. By taking these car care tips seriously, you will definitely not only retain the look of your car but you will also be ensuring it performs to the best of its ability. If you have any thoughts relating to the below car care practices, please touch base with Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Bellingham at (877) 590-3530 and we'll help you identify any car issues.

Winter Weather Can Leave Behind Punishing Salt

Leftover salt will in the end rust your vehicle, specifically your car's undercarriage. If the undercarriage rusts, it may possibly cause warped rotors, bad shocks and future cracks in the frame, among all kinds of other issues. Leftover salt is definitely a major problem, one of the leading cold weather issues that deteriorates and damages your motor vehicle. One of the primary things you should do in spring to combat leftover salt is to wash your vehicle thoroughly, especially the undercarriage.

Maintain Control in Rain with Tread Depth

Winter may have exhausted your tires. How can you tell? You should check tread depth, warping and alignment, and tire pressure. If your steering wheel shakes at specific speeds, it might be an indication your tires may be warped due to alignment issues. Cracks and weathered rubber, in conjunction with low tread depth is proof of requiring new tires. Bring your car into our Bellingham tire store to have an alignment check or to get a new set of performance or all-season tires.

Other Car Features to Check This Spring

  1. Battery - cables and terminals
  2. Belts and hoses
  3. Car fluids - transmission, oil, power steering, antifreeze and brake fluid
  4. Brakes and rotors
  5. Windshield wipers

Common Auto Maintenance Helps You Save Money

Preventive auto routine maintenance decreases costly fixes later down the line. Ignoring that squeak or grinding sound won't make the headache go away. Dismissing it will only make certain you'll possess a costlier repair later on. So keep up with preventive maintenance on your car and don't forget if you would like help with any automotive repair problem, you can contact Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Bellingham or schedule an appointment online.